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Potkejte partnery ze saského textilního průmyslu

V oblasti vzdělávání, výzkumu a vývoje nebo ve strojírenství a ve výrobě zařízení, při výrobě příze, pletenin nebo konfekce – v Sasku najdete pro každý váš požadavek vhodné partnery. „Navštivte centrum textilu Sasko“ – podívejte se, co všechno nabízí centrum textilu  Sasko. 

Program zahrnuje témata jako výměnu poznatků o nejmodernějších technologiích, technická řešení v oblasti textilií zítřka a jejich využití dnes. 

Program začíná oficiální a virtuální zahajovací akcí, následovat budou videoprezentace ze Saska jako hospodářského centra, virtuální návštěvy podniků a akce matchmaking s možností chatů a virtuálních mítinků B2B. Jedním z highlightů bude rovněž virtuální Speed-Networking-Event.  

Foto Header: F. Rosenbaum, Ort: Filztuchfabrik Rodewisch





  • Products for environmental protection, disposal, and recycling; filter media; landfill textiles
  • Products for agriculture and forestry, gardening and landscaping


  • Products in membrane, lightweight, and solid construction as well as in earth, water and road construction, textile roofing
  • Products for road construction and civil engineering 


  • All kind of products for clothing and footwear with focus on functionality and / or sustainability
  • Practical weatherproof textiles that are protecting against UV rays, cold
  • Shoe textiles


  • Products for the manufacture of furniture, upholstery, carpets, floor coverings, flame-retardant textiles, or other textiles with a primary focus on functionality


  • Products for the the mechanical, chemical and electrical industries
  • Smart textiles with additional applications


  • Products for packaging, confection, transport


  • Products for medicine, hygiene, and the life sciences


  • Products for aircraft construction and shipbuilding, the automotive sector, rail vehicle, space technology, and the travel industry
  • Interior fittings, protective covers, tapes, seals, filters


  • Products for personal and property protection; work clothing; survival equipment


  • Products for sports and leisure; functional sportswear; outdoor equipment

Fibers & Materials

  • Woven and nonwoven technologies and materials ranging from standard yarns to high performance yarns  and structures made from sustainable natural materials and polymers as well as recycled materials

Machinery & Equipment

  • Saxony's traditional strengths include the manufacture of textile machinery.
  • Machine construction and the textile industry are characterized by mutual cooperation and innovation.

University & Research

  • Research and education are the foundation for pioneering future developments.
  • The research is geared towards the needs and requirements of industry.

 Services & Consulting

  • In addition to production companies, find also local support, business model creators, and coaches as well as industry enablers. 


Meet Saxony's textile industry at events and exhibitions, fairs, etc.     

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